Forever Endeavor

Forever Endeavor

A lighthearted look at life’s heavy questions.

Forever Endeavor is a documentary about legacy, remembrance, and the ephemeral nature of life.

Co-director and historian Jonathan Mann guides us on a thoughtful and whimsical journey as he asks, “What’s the point of it all?” while searching for meaning in the face of the inevitable.

Weighing in on the topic are author Tom Wolfe, astronaut Jim Lovell, TCM host Robert Osborne, Dr. Henry Heimlich, historian Valery Paley, as well as the CEO of the Jackie Robinson Foundation, the founder of Atlas Obscura, the Guinness Book record holder for holding the most world records, NYT obit writers and many others.

Sadly, during the final weeks of editing, Jonathan passed away tragically and suddenly.

While staying true to his and co-director Mary Anne Rothberg’s vision of a lighthearted take on heavy questions, the film incorporates Jonathan’s passing and imbues it with an extra layer of poignancy and resonance.

It becomes clear in the end that the endeavor of making this film itself is one answer to the very question it is asking.

Trailer coming soon.