Forever Endeavor

Forever Endeavor

An astronaut muses about missing out on being the first man on the moon.

A famous author dismisses the idea of legacy as his bust is being sculpted.

A paleontologist talks about how he would be thrilled to be a tooth in 72 million years.

There are those who think it is possible to leave a legacy that will last forever. Others realize such hopes are sheer folly. Forever Endeavor is a sometimes playful, sometimes reflective and always inquisitive look at existential issues we all face at some point in life, particularly as we near the finish line. Author Tom Wolfe, astronaut Jim Lovell, TCM host Robert Osborne, obit writer Amy Padnani, Atlas Obscura founder Dylan Thuras, inventor Henry Heimlich, Jackie Robinson Foundation CEO Della Britton Baeza, historian Valery Paley and many others opine about the nature of legacy and remembrance as they confront the issue: should we even care?

Trailer coming soon.